About perFIcT


The perFIcT gym distances itself from gyms that practice cookie-cutter fitness regimens or scripted models that are duplicated for clients. Instead, Ramirez and his training staff understand each one of their clients have unique bodies, metabolisms, and lifestyles. Thus, perFIcT provides its clients with an all-in-one custom-tailored plan for their lifestyles, including maximum flexibility in training and nutrition.

Based on more than 1,000 clients’ success stories, perFIcT trainers tackle each client with the confidence they will guide each one to their fitness goals – or they’ll refund their money. It’s the extra value other personal trainers won’t guarantee, that perFIcT offers from the moment its clients come aboard.

Each week the certified trainers customize clients’ plans based on progress and performance. Clients can track their program updates in perFIcT’s downloadable app or text with their accountability coach 24/7. Unlike 99 percent of personal trainers who allocate the dedicated hour to their clients, perFIcT specialists do everything possible to keep their clients on track with their goals.

Ramirez and his top-notch certified training team, including around-the-clock accountability coach, allow clients to follow their detailed programs at the 24/7-access facility located less than two miles from the famed Las Vegas Strip, using perFIcT’s custom training equipment on whatever schedule fits best.

Our Founder

Jordin Ramirez

Las Vegas’ Jordin Ramirez knew at 19 years old what life had planned for him. So he created a plan with the goal of accomplishing his dream in five years. Through grit and determination, wins and losses, profits gained and lost, what Ramirez saw in 2015 came to fruition with exact precision. Ramirez turned a simple hashtag of #2020Vision into his mantra. Five years after filling up a college-ruled spiral notebook with his five-year plan, rather than kinesiology notes, the perFIcT gym was born. 

Setting goals, chasing, and accomplishing them have been something Ramirez has known since he was 5 years old, when he started his journey in Olympic-style taekwondo, in which he earned dozens of medals, including a bronze medal at the 2003 Junior Olympics. A similar journey of ambitions would play out in high school, where he set goals of earning a varsity letter, breaking Arbor View’s record for most off-season matches, and registering 100 off-season matches – something that hadn’t been done at that point. Prior to his junior season, he shattered the previous record of 92 by wrestling in a new school record 132 off-season matches, knocking out two goals at once. After his junior season he got his letter. From the intense training in taekwondo and wrestling to meal prepping in order to make weight, to his goals and accomplishments while striving toward an ultimate prize, his genetic code was embedded with purpose.

Now, he’s doing the same for others inside the perFIcT gym, which opened in November 2020, went through major renovations for three months, and is now helping transform hundreds of clients who have their goals and aspirations to better themselves both mentally and physically. 

And it’s only the beginning for Las Vegas’ most successful 25-year-old personal training entrepreneur, as he’s got his sights set on growing his brand to further feed the perFIcT family.

“Wherever I was four or five years ago, thinking of this moment today, I’m in that moment again now thinking about five years from now,” Ramirez said. “There’s not really time to sit there and reflect on what’s already been done. I can appreciate where I am and I can be grateful for where I am, but I’m just more focused on getting tomorrow’s work done.”

Long Live Neo

Neo Kauffman

Nehemiah “Neo” Kauffman will always be a member of #teamperFIcT. His memory lives on through his brother for life, perFIcT training founder Jordin Ramirez.

Neo is remembered by some for his athletic excellence on the basketball court and football field, others for his jovial personality. But there is nobody who can deny it was his smile that lit up a room upon entering. His boisterous laugh and upbeat personality were uplifting for everyone he came across.

“People gravitated towards him,” Jordin Ramirez said. “He had the ability to make you smile and laugh even if you were in the worst mood. You couldn’t be around him and not smile.”